IQ Vision Web Client
Designed for Godrej IQ Vision video surveillance software, IQ Vision Web Client is an intuitive, efficient web-based interface for viewing, playing back and sharing video. It provides instant access to the most commonly used functions, and it is quick to learn and simple to operate for users of all levels.

IQ Vision Web Client gives access to surveillance from all the most common browsers and computer operating systems, so users can access surveillance off-site. With no need to install additional software, users can monitor their IQ Vision system anywhere from any Internet-enabled computer or device.
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Instantly view live video from one or multiple cameras, play back video recordings and control pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • Multiple Language
  • Available in multiple languages, IQ Vision Web Client provides users the opportunity to use the interface in their native language
  • compatible with all of the most common operating systems and web browser
  • Access your system the way you prefer because IQ Vision Web Client is compatible with all of the most common operating systems and web browsers including: Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, OS X®, Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Google Chrome™ and Mozilla® Firefox®
Securely share video
  • share video
  • Share video (AVI) or still images (JPEG) with other online users, eliminating the need to burn evidence to a DVD or put it on a USB flash drive
  • http
  • HTTPS support allows for secure communication between IQ Vision Web Client and Godrej IQ Vision Mobile server
Remote system access
  • Off Site Control
  • Users can trigger outputs, such as opening and closing doors, providing more control over the installation when off-site
  • upport for Godrej IQ Vision Omni-connect Architecture setups
  • With support for Godrej IQ Vision Omni-connect Architecture setups, users can now access cameras from all sub-sites in a large, multi-site installation
  • IQ Vision Web Client is not compatible with the free version of IQ Vision i.e. IQ Vision Starter