IQ Vision Web Client
Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient is a free application for Apple and Android™ devices that works seamlessly with all IQ Vision video management software (VMS) starting with IQ Vision Lite. Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient will be available as a free download from Google Play and App Store.

Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient gives instantaneous access to IQ Vision surveillance systems from almost anywhere around the globe via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections. With Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient users can view, play back and export video, control outputs and push live video from the device’s camera, helping users see what’s important to them.
  • security installation on smart phones and tablets
  • With the ability to monitor the security installation on smart phones and tablets, users can view and playback incidents from anywhere, and at any time to ensure areas are secure
  • add-on feature
  • An add-on feature, Video Push, allows you to extend your mobile capabilities and use your mobile device as a video evidence collector. This feature enables you to push live video from your device’s camera directly into the IQ Vision system giving immediate awareness of incidents no matter where they occur
  •  Superior Security.png
  • All communication between the Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient and server is encrypted, ensuring superior security.
Remote responsiveness
  • Export Remote
  • With the ability to create and watch exports on the go, Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient users have extended remote capabilities and can take immediate action
  • Switch on-Off
  • Users can control outputs, such as closing/opening doors and switching lights on/off, whether or not they are physically on-site
  • Switch on-Off
  • With support for Godrej IQ Vision Omni - Connect Architecture, users can now access cameras from all sub-sites in a large, multi-site installations
  • Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient is not compatible with the free version of IQ Vision i.e. IQ Vision Starter

Download Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient for free

Godrej IQ Vision Mobile requires two components for operation: an app for your smartphone or tablet and the server component known as IQ Vision Mobile Server. The Mobile server component is included in the IQ Vision VMS installer. Godrej IQ Vision MobiClient supports mobile devices running the following operating systems - Android 2.2 and higher, iOS7 and higher.