Godrej IQ Vision Omni-connect Architecture allows multiple individual IQ Vision Ultimate to be interconnected in a parent/child hierarchy of federated sites. Each individual site in the federated hierarchy is a standard IQ Vision Ultimate system, complete with management server, SQL server, recording server(s), failover server(s), and a number of cameras. Once individual IQ Vision Ultimate systems are added to a federated hierarchy, the individual systems appear as one complete system to administrators and users, while still being as manageable as independent IQ Vision Ultimate systems.

Through the Godrej IQ Vision Omni-connect Architecture, users have access to video, audio and other resources across all the individual IQ Vision Ultimate systems in the federated hierarchy based on their user rights in each individual system. In addition, administrators have the ability to centrally manage all systems within the hierarchy via remote access to the individual IQ Vision Ultimate systems - again based on administration rights in the individual systems.

With no limit to the number of sites you can add to the federated hierarchy and how you link them together, Godrej IQ Vision Omni-connect Architecture is the perfect solution for large installations covering multiple buildings, campuses, or an entire metropolis. It provides large operations with unlimited scaling, flexibility and accessibility for more efficient, cost effective video surveillance over multiple sites.

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Godrej IQ Vision Cluster and Godrej IQ vision Omni-connect Architecture comparison chart


Godrej IQ Vision Cluster

Godrej IQ Vision Omni Connect Architecture

Primary application

Optimized for the connection of any small sites

Optimized for the connection of fewer, larger sites

Compatible Products

IQ Vision Lite / Lite+ / Pro / Pro+ / Ace / Ultimate

IQ Vision Ace and IQ Vision Ultimate


Unlimited number of remote sites can be interconnected to one central IQ Ultimate System

Unlimited number of federated sites can be connected to one central IQ Vision Ultimate System

Video storage

Video can be stored in a remote or central system with a combination of manual, event driven or scheduled upload

Storage can only take place in the remote system with no transfer of video

Network Requirements

Tolerant against intermirrent network connections. Video can be uploaded when the network is available with the option to throttle the used bandwith

Requires stable network connections between federated sites

IT dependencies/ user management

Authenticaton of users in a remote system can be completed using basic user authentication in the IQ Vision VMS, Windows users or Active Directory users , where domain trust between the central system and interconnected remote sites is not a perequisite

Requires definition of users in a common Active Directory domain, or domain trust between the central and federated sites


Management of remote sites via integrated remote desktop connection

Central management via the site navigation in the IQ Vision federated sites Management Center

Map and alarm Management

Maps and alarms are defined in the central system

Maps and alarms are defined in each federated site and added to a unified experience in the IQ Vision Prime View


Bookmarks can be added centrally on all interconnected cameras regardless of the type of interconnected system

Bookmarks can be added centrally on all federated cameras, where the bookmarks are stored in the federated system


Each camera in an interconnected system and available in the central IQ Vision Ultimate System requires a Godrej IQ Vision Cluster License

IQ Vision Omni-connect Architecture can be used freely and is not subject to additional licensing beyond the regular licensing of the VMS


For using the above product it has to be ensured that adequate network bandwidth is available to permit proper operation for live and playback viewing.